Nalco Water Treatment Chemicals

Water and Process Services
One of Nalco main segments is the water services, which focuses on customers across various industrial and institutional markets. They provide water, air and process applications that combine environmental benefits with economic gains for our customers, typically, water and energy savings, maintenance and capital expenditure avoidance, and product quality improvements.
Innovative treatment of boiler water, cooling water, influent, and wastewater, as well as practical solutions for process improvements and pollutant control, allow our customers to capture myriad benefits.
Our Water segment serves the aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and primary metals, power, food and beverage, medium and light manufacturing, marine and pulp and papermaking industries, as well as institutional customers such as hospitals, universities, commercial buildings and hotels.

Ercros Swimming Pool Chemicals

Ercros is an industrial group with a hundred-year tradition and diversified into three business areas: Chlorine Derivatives Division, Intermediate Chemicals Division and Pharmaceuticals Division. It is a leading company in the main markets in which it operates and exports almost half of its sales to more than 128 countries, mainly in the EU.
The company carries out its production under a voluntary commitment that it has made in relation to the safety of its facilities and the health of people, respect for the environment, the quality of its products and dialogue and transparency in relation to society.
Formaldehyde and its derivatives, along with the main active pharmaceutical ingredients, account for a significant share of the global market. In Europe, it is the leading company in terms of sales of chloroisocyanurates for treating swimming pool water. In Spain, it is first in the ranking for sales of products like caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorate and moulding compounds, and it is the second largest player in the PVC market.

Vsep Waste water planets

Membrane-based separations have always had limitations as well as advantages.
Limitations such as high operating costs and low filtration rates made them inefficient to work with.
Yet the advantages such as precise separation, crystal clear filtrate, controlled size exclusion (from microns to molecular dimensions) and excellent materials compatibility were compelling.
With these advantages in mind, the makers of V✧SEP set out to make the innovations necessary for membrane separations to enter the mainstream.
Now, V✧SEP is the only filtration system offering high sustainable filtration rates (despite high suspended solids) in a single pass.
V✧SEP solves the fouling problems associated with traditional systems by using an innovative method for producing intense shear waves on the face of a membrane. The technique is called Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (V✧SEP).

Grundfos Dosing Pumps &Controller

The Grundfos dosing and disinfection product range covers everything from disinfection of drinking water to water treatment in highly sensitive industrial processes. With one of the most extensive product ranges in the market,
we are a natural partner for products and solutions within the municipal, industrial and building services industries.
Grundfos also offers innovative solutions in water supply and waste water disposal, chemical and process engineering, food and beverage industry and heating and cooling technology. You can always rely on Grundfos as a competent partner for all applications.
Dosing pumps Grundfos offers a wide range of dosing pumps. Our innovative drive concepts cover a large performance range with only a few models, and our dosing pumps offer many advantages such as smooth continuous dosing and universal connections to existing process control systems. Digital Dosing™, an optimised dosing head design and 100% stroke length enable you to smoothly dose degassing liquids. With optional integrated flow intelligence features, malfunctions in your dosing process will be detected and displayed, and our AutoFlowAdapt or AutoCal features ensure automatic compensation and recalibration during the dosing process.